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Arlene has been working as a wellness advocate for Doterra UK since 2013. 


Doterra is one of the world’s leading Essential Oil company.  They work in particular with artisan growers of plants who have an expertise in the distillation and extraction of essential oils.  They source their oils from all over the world, making Doterra the gold standard for pure, safe and unadulterated Essential Oils.


What is CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) means the oils have been distilled and filtered and tested extensively to make sure there are no fillers, pesticides or dilution to their oils.  They want the oils to have the chemical compounds for the perfect absorption for the body.


As a wellness advocate we run classes and events to educate and promote doTERRAs CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) essential oils.


Each advocate has their own way of sharing the oils.  You can become a sharer, a wholesale customer, wellness advocate or a builder.  Both wholesale customer and being a wellness advocate gives you a instant 25% off the retail price.  You can also gain points towards products and future purchases and become a loyalty reward customer which gives you a product of the month free if you maintain a regular template and put an order in of 125 product points a month.  There are other benefits you get but this is just the beginning.


If you want to be a wellness advocate you can share the love of EO but also generating a residual or permanent income which for some has surpassed their wildest dreams in terms of a regular income.


Doterra prides itself as an ethical company and work to give back to the communities that produce these oils and they have many projects to support education around the globe. Please feel free to check out their co-impact sourcing initiative and the healing hands projects.


If you are interested in becoming a wellness advocate and want to build a business with Doterra, please contact me. www.mydoterra.com/doulaessense.