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Doula Essence -Authentic Doula (now I'm a doula.  What next?)

Doula Essence Authentic Doula CPD day: This personal development day is a course for doulas, healthcare professionals, midwives and keepers of the birth space. A supportive self care forum for doulas, midwives and healthy care professionals.


Human beings are hardwired to be touched, nurtured and supported. In most cases I am sure

this is what has drawn you to become a doula and womb-smith.  


We bring the love and empathy that is needed in the place of birth.  Do we nurture, love and support ourselves as keepers of the birth space?  Do we give ourselves time to reflect?  Do we look at what brought us into the role of a doula?  Are we running from birth to birth?  

We also need to love support and nurturing that is required for be human.


I hope and dream, that it will be a course of exploration; reflection;  developmental work; sharing; questioning; quietness, challenging belief systems; stillness; some laughter;  some tears; lots of hugs and open support for the doula and birth work community.

It is not easy to give the time to oneself when we are always in a nurturing role for others.  Women, as we know are generally drawn to the caring professions, whether by narture or design.  I have seen all too many doulas and birth workers burnt out and jaded.  


Doula Essence Authentic Doula CPD: will be a exploration of some many issues:

Be prepared to share and received:

What do you do to celebrate yourself?

What baggage do we carry to the birth space?  Positive or negative.

What is your daily practice to nurture and love yourself?

Doula to doula support?

Supervision - Is there a need for supervision for doulas?

Counselling - is there a need?

Therapy - is it a safe space?

Treatments -massage, reiki, craniosacral etc

Mediation - daily practice

Yoga - small daily practice

Social life


Nurturing ourselves!

Personality clashes with clients!

With medical professionals!

Support without words

Holding the space

How to support difficult births?

Working with bereaved families?

Your unique quality!

Boundaries?  How long is a postnatal period?

When to let go gently?

Separating and detaching from the client at an appropriate time

On call

Do you carry your client with you 24/7? (boundary issues)



P/N & Birth

These topics and more will be aired and shared.

Course date: tbc

£60 per day

email doulaessence2017@gmail.com for registration form and payment details.

Arlene has a strong and long standing background and interest in Holistic Therapy.  She has been a massage practitioner for 3 decades and trained and practice as a counsellor and psychotherapist for 10 years.  She continues to run a holistic clinic, offering massage, craniosacral therapy and Mizan treatments and Aromatouch treatments.  These skill base married with 2 decades of birth work with pregnant woman as a birth educator, yoga teacher and doula has brought her to this point.  "My dream is to help train our future birth workers to have a lucrative income, which is not always evident; but mainly to be heartfull in their practice as birth workers...  To develop Doula Essence within each and everyone of us and send that out to the world of birth."