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Active Birth Workshop

An exploration of the physiology of birth and the birth process made useable for couples.

This workshop is designed to explore the birth process and will be exploring the following topics:

  • Physiological labour

  • Nature vs Medicalised process

  • Hormones

  • Breathing

  • Visualisation

  • Positions for labour

  • Enhancing the process

  • Team work

  • Creating a calm environment

  • Appropriate time to go to hospital!

  • Call the midwife!

  • Effectiveness of water in labour

  • When and how to use intervention?

  • What are your natural opiates?

  • Using Essential Oils and Homeopathy

  • When to change tactic?

  • Advocation for the woman

  • Mothers signalling distress

  • Baby signalling need for help

  • Embracing change

  • Staying steady 

  • 4th trimester

  • Beginning breastfeeding

  • Accepting help and support

The workshop is for 2-1 couples or for groups

Friday or Saturdays monthly workshop 11-3.00pm

Please contact Arlene if you want to book a bespoke session.

Visit my other website www.arlenedunkleywood.co.uk for dates.

Fee £350 per couple £150 single person