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Arlene Dunkley-Wood has been a doula for over 2 decades. She became a of member of DUK in 2004.

Her experience and speciality with pregnancy came about through her training as a Active Birth Teacher in 1990-1993.  Arlene enables the woman and her partner to trust their deepest instinct and connect with that resource to birth with joy.

Her main focus is to be there fully for the couple. Trusting this process and reminding the woman, ever so gently that she is strong and mighty.  Each birth is unique, each woman births in her  own way, and each couple come out of the birth stronger together.

Doulas Essence acknowledges how we all have to tap into the essence of ourselves to find the strength power and resource in pivotal times of our lives.  Doula Essence encourages the woman to birth from that same power and strength without fear.

Having a doula present to witness and guard that process dramatically improves outcomes, reduces intervention to a minimum and prepares the women and her partner to transition into parenting from a place of unity.  The doula listens, trusts and gives the woman and her partner informed and evidential information and prepares them with empathy and understanding.

Arlene is also very passionate around breastfeeding and not labelling a woman as too old to birth her baby naturally.  Which seems to be the trend at the moment.

If you would like to have Arlene present at your birth please contact her through the contact form.  

Arlene is a wellness advocate for Doterra  www.mydoterra.com/doulaessence.  She invites the couple to use the power and potency of essential oils, as part of their tool kit; so that the woman and her partner will develop an attitude of calm and wellbeing through out the pregnancy.  Who wouldn't want to have EO as a tool to carry into their future roles as carers and parents.  Instilling wellness for their entire family.

Doterra CPTG essential oils are natures medicine cabinet and they can help alleviate some of the systems of pregnancy discomforts that the woman maybe experiencing.

Used wisely and sensitively these oils can be a welcome tool, not only for the birth but for early parenting and helping to soothe and calm the entire household as they settle into caring and parenting.